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Posted by Administrator on Tuesday 05 April 2011

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Clarke Street, Albury NSW 2640
Ph: 02 6023 3632
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Welcome to Fight Gym Fitness Health & Wellbeing…


At ‘Fight Gym Fitness Health & Wellbeing’ we provide some of the most unique methods of FUN fitness training for all our valued clients who represent all fitness levels and walks of life. The time tested benefits of fun boxing fitness training are evident in the results achieved!


Fight Gym Fitness Health & Wellbeing classes are specifically designed to improve the lifestyle of our participants through weight loss, muscle tone, increased fitness and confidence. Countless studies have shown that boxing/cross training classes are a great way to improve physical health and fitness whilst contributing to weight loss and overall body strength. This of course leads to less stress on the mind and body which in turn will lead to greater productivity in your daily life…


Albury/Wodonga is surrounded by big multi national gym franchises and one major area that we are extremely proud of, is that we are local people, who moved away gained alot of experience and are now back establishing our business. We feel as though we have the best culture and work ethic on the border and are extremely proud of the fact our clients have become great friends with their fellow clients and that gives us as much pleasure as the content and the doing of the exercise. We drive and motivate our clients and help take them to the unknown. So if you have a lack of motivation or need help to get going again we will help reprogram your entire life and get you buzzing.

All you need is a towel, drink bottle and your hard working attitude and get involved and have fun and get fit at the same time!

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